Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Baby & Toddler Skirt Tutorial

This baby skirt tutorial is so easy peasy you will probably make 10 in one day just because you can.

Ready to get started? Here we go!

What you will need is 1/4 yard of fabric, approximately 1 yard of lace or trim, and at the most 1/2 yard of elastic.

The easiest way to figure it out is measure around your child's waist.  Take that number and apply it towards the amount of elastic you will need.  Then double that number (or triple it if you want the skirt really scrunchy) and apply that number towards the lace/trim.  And for the fabric take the number you got for the waist and cut it in half.  For the fabric I would get a few inches added to your cut to play it safe. (Some employees can't cut a straight line.)

Here is an example:

Child's waist measures 14 inches. So I will need 14 inches of elastic.
Which means I will double that number to get 28 inches of lace.
And I will divide the waist line in half to get 7 inches of fabric. ( I will round up to 1/4 yard)

General sizes for ages:
0-3 mo    16"
3-6 mo    17"
6-12 mo  17.5"
18 mo      18"
24 mo      19"
2T           19.5"
3T            20"

Take your cut fabric and fold one side over an inch and iron flat.  Take the other long side and iron over 1/4 of an inch.

Take your lace/trim and pin it along the 1/4 inch fold.  Sew all the way down.

It should look like this now.  

Pin your elastic inside the 1 inch fold.  Make sure the elastic is wedged into the fold as deep as possible.  Sew the elastic to the fabric on the very end so it doesn't slip into the fold.  You are going to start sewing until you come about an inch from the end of the elastic.  Make sure while you are sewing you DO NOT sew over the elastic.

When you are about an inch from the end of the elastic, lower your needle and raise your foot.  Remove the pins and pull the elastic as tight as you can so the fabric you have already sewn scrunches up.  Repin your elastic inside the fold of the fabric and continue sewing.  Repeat this step as many times as you need until the elastic meets with the end of the fabric.  At the end, sew the elastic to fabric so it doesn't slip into the fold.

This is what you have.

Fold good sides together and pin so one side is hanging out about 3/4 of an inch.  Sew all the way down.

Now take the longer flap, fold over and tuck in the raw edge.  This step is to hide the ugly seam.  Pin and sew all the way down.

So it looks like this.

And this.


And you can become obsessed and make a bunch of them!

Please ask any questions in the comments and share photos of your skirts :-)


  1. The skirts are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the step by step tutorial!

  2. I'm a beginner sewer and I am just wondering if the 7inches of fabric is for length or width??

    1. Hello
      It took me a minute to reread it and think even though im a sewer lol, the 7" is the length of the skirt the width is the same as the lace, so cut your fabric 7" wide and 28" across if doing as in this example.

  3. I am no good with measurements, can you tell me how much fabric will I need for new born. I see you stated 16" but not sure what those measurements are.

  4. Holy crapola. SO EASY! Even I could do it. I'm going to make a billion of these!

  5. These are so cute, can't wait to make some! Just curious how thick the elastic should be?

  6. What's the length !! How long is the skirt for 3 months ?

  7. Best skirt pattern I have found yet!

  8. Wonderful! I am a novice sewer and made this little skirt while my daughter was napping :)

  9. So cute. I knocked this out in one evening even while cooking dinner and balancing two kiddoes. It was super quick and cute and I am glad I bought extra elastic because it is seriously addicting. It is going to be so fun making EXACTLY what I want. Thanks for the great photos and tips.

  10. I love how you finished the seam. Kind of similar to a French seam but without it sticking out inside at the end.

  11. Hi! I'm going to try this out soon for my baby girl, but I have a question- what do you mean to sew the elastic to the fabric but to not sew OVER the elastic?

    1. When she says to sew the elastic to the fabric, that is just to tack in in place at the seam. From there the fabric folds over the elastic (like a tunnel for the elastic) you see the fabric together, leaving the elastic free to move about so that it stretches. Does that make sense?

  12. Thank you so much for this tut. My daughter's skirt turned out beautifully and I'm a beginner.

  13. Thank you so much for this tut. My daughter's skirt turned out beautifully and I'm a beginner.

  14. If you wanted it to be a bit fuller and scrunched could you just make the fabric length a bit longer?

  15. You are saying: "What you will need is 1/4 yard of fabric, approximately 1 yard of lace or trim, and at the most 1/2 yard of elastic."
    Well, It doesn't makes sense at all. There is something wrong with this measurament.

    1. You use the length of the bolt of the fabric. So the width (which will become the height of the skirt) is the measurement given.

  16. Beautiful and easy to follow; thank you! I'm a complete beginner at sewing, and it was so easy and fun! Here's one that I made


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